Tarot Readings

FAQ about Tarot Reads with Stacey Sproule

Why get a Tarot Read?

I often tell people that having your cards read is a way of checking in with the unconscious. Readings from me highlight what could be needing attention or awareness in your life. Reads can be a nudge toward giving space to something that has become neglected or they can be affirming- reminding you to take stock and acknowledge where you are at. If you choose to have a read with me it will not contain any predictions or advice.

Who can receive a Tarot Read?

Anyone over the age of 18 who is curious and open to messages from the ether. Anyone who is needing to reconnect to themselves. Anyone experiencing transitions great or small. Anyone who is feeling stuck. Anyone looking for trust inside themselves. Anyone who is ready to trust the universe. Anyone who values reflection. Anyone who is compelled by the mysterious. Anyone cultivating a relationship with their intuition.

When is the best time to get a Tarot Read?

This varies from person to person, I often feel a seasonal pull to have my cards read but that’s because I feel certain times of year are more reflective than others. Any point on the cycle that you feel called to turn inwards could be a good time for a read. If you are feeling very overwhelmed or in crisis, it may not be an ideal time and other forms of support might be a better fit.

What deck do you read from?

I read from the first edition of the Wild Unknown, the imagery is animal and nature based.

How can I get a Tarot Reading from you?

I read in Hamilton at The Witch’s Fix (12 John St North) whenever I’ll be there dates will be announced via their newsletter. Stay tuned for the next date to be announced.

I can also accommodate a modest amount of private reads, either in person (within the city of Toronto) or via skype. I recommend having your cards read quarterly but each person is different and you will know what feels best for you. If you are interested in private reads with me please use the button below to fill out my intake form and I’ll be in touch.

Can I hire you to read Tarot at my event?

Of course! I am available for private parties and events, and I love to read at weddings, bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthdays, important planetary transits, and yoga classes or workshops. Please use the form at the bottom of this page for inquiries.

Are there any other ways to connect to your Tarot wisdom?

Sign up for my newsletter! I send one out on each of the 8 wheel of the year points and they contain seasonal teachings, tarot spreads, spellwork, and more! Use the form below to sign up!